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Complicated IT problem? Stephen specializes in solving the most difficult technological issues.

Yossio ThinkingYour business is likely becoming ever-increasingly tied to its technological capabilities. For most industries, technology is more than simply a problem or an opportunity. It’s essential. Technology—both personal and professional—is expanding and moving at an incredible pace. How you structure your businesses’ relationship with technology is now as important to growth as the product or service that you offer.

It simply isn’t enough to hire in-house or on-call IT staff.

While they can help solve issues that are at the surface, most don’t have the experience and capabilities to fundamentally modify your relationship with technology and transform your organization’s infrastructure. If you want a competitive advantage that establishes you in a dominant position in your marketplace, you need substantive change. You need someone to analyze your practices and create a customized plan to grow your business using the most intuitive, creative, cutting-edge technologies available.

Stephen specializes in helping organizations transform their technological infrastructure by creating a unique plan, personalized for the needs of each client.

Beginning with mapping the organizational needs of each client, he utilizes industry best practices and contemporary technology standards to find and fix the root of the problem and create an individualized plan to address each client’s needs. By instituting technology at the core of the organization, he’s able to unravel the most complex, mission-critical technological issues plaguing an organization and transform the problem into a technological asset that puts them ahead of their competitors.

Rebuilding your systems architecture

Yossio Technology ServicesBecause companies typically grow organically, IT is often an afterthought. No plan for the organization’s technological future is created. Layer on layer, they create a patchwork of practices to address issues in real-time, until one day, something manifests itself and they realize that they have a problem that requires expertise to fix.

Even once realized, many organizations attempt to respond to their technological issues by treating symptoms on the surface. A problem pops up and they bandage it in the quickest, cheapest manner possible. It pops up again, this time with another symptom. Another temporary bandage. The problem is, unless you treat the systemic issues that are causing technological challenges for your organization, you never resolve the matter. Even worse, by taking a myopic view, you fall further behind your competitors. If you want fundamental change and the ability to make sense of your past, clean up your present, and plan for your future, you’re looking for Stephen.

Stephen focuses on clients looking to treat the underlying, systemic issues causing problems to occur.

What does that mean? By speaking the languages of both business and software, Stephen can help the leaders of an organization understand the ramifications of their IT decisions; help engineers understand how to deliver better value to the organization; and assist technical staff in implementing the technologies that will benefit the organization the most. If your organization’s technology is what’s holding you back, Stephen will help restructure your information systems from the ground up, giving you a solid base built on state-of-the-art technological solutions to grow your business.

Finding technology-based solutions is what Stephen does. When it comes to enterprise learning and systems migration and integration, you won’t find anyone better.

Enterprise learning and training solutions

Learning and TrainingCreating a system that can link a learning management system, web portal, and content management system is a massive undertaking—one that requires considerable skill and significant experience. Integrating these systems and solutions back into your existing corporate infrastructure adds another layer of complexity; correctly executing this is imperative to successfully harnessing the power of your various technologies. If live online learning and self-paced, asynchronous learning are an essential part of your business, you know how complex the relationship between your technologies is.

Stephen has a proven history of building complex enterprise learning systems for organizations whose online learning experience is essential to their success.

By choosing the correct technologies for their organizational needs, linking their systems together seamlessly, and building a team to manage the system, he’s worked through each aspect of creating, implementing, and managing an LMS. Whether you need help tracking and training your learners, navigating complex compliance-based issues, sourcing technology to resolve an issue and grow your capabilities, or linking your systems together to help them operate more efficiently and with more capacity, Stephen can help you.

The future of your organization depends on technology

Information SystemsIf you’re struggling to grow your business and maintain your position in your marketplace, odds are, your technology is at fault. Maybe you have yet to address the underlying issues holding you back or you’ve tried to hire someone to fix them and they’ve failed. Stephen thrives on and excels at taking the most difficult projects—the one’s where others have failed—and using his business and technological acumen to transform the organization.

By incorporating the most recent mobile, social, and cloud technologies at the core of the business, he’s able to keep his clients ahead of the curve and in front of their competitors. He’s constantly researching the newest technological trends and assessing their capabilities and value for organizations. The presentations that he gives worldwide are based on his research and experiences assisting clients just like you who need help, but don’t know where to start. You know you need technology to stay ahead. You likely don’t know how to do it. Stephen is who you’re looking for.