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Stephen M. Yoss, MS, CPA

Stephen is a certified public accountant, the CEO and partner of Devmatics, LLC, a continuing education instructor for financial professionals, a professional speaker at live events, and a licensed pyrotechnician. While his interests and skills are varied, they all share a common thread—his love for and skill in finding technology-based solutions.

Whether it’s teaching in the classroom, consulting clients in a boardroom, or shooting a fireworks display, Steve brings passion, hard work, value—and above all else—technological expertise to each of his clients. With an open, honest approach, he creates a unique strategy for each client specifically designed to benefit their needs and streamline their operations in order to create efficiency and maximize their financial potential.


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Salem, Oregon, USA | 2017 - Current​
USA & International | 2009 - Current

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Specialties & Interests

System Architecture

Helping organizations design, build and maintain their internal systems.

Business Development & Growth

Helping organization better utilize technology to help grow, gain efficiency, and promote effectiveness.

eLearning & Training

Building systems to facilitate self-paced and live online learning.